The group Horpyna is the leading representative of Ukrainian musical scene in Poland, having existed incessantly since 1999. By these all years Horpyna evolved from traditional folk music and even folklore by traditional compositions played in  rock style to creating their own compositions with folk-rock sound.

            Today, the repertoire of Horpyna is folk-rock, placed in Ukrainian climates in which one can feel the quarrelsome Cossack's spirit and the rich recording history of Horpyna allows to consider it as one of the most innovatory musical groups in Poland and simultaneously precursor of this trend among Ukrainian bands.

            Every concert of Horpyna is not just sounds but also a true musical show, striking with dynamics, energy, as well as care about the proper sound and performance perfection, which is confirmed by a great great number of fans arriving at every concert.

            Horpyna has already played concerts as well in the country as abroad (Germany, France, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Austria, Canada and United Kingdom) and also has performances for Polish Television (TVP) Regardless on place, time and age of the public, Horpyna is the guarantee of unforgettable experience and good entertainment.

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